Welcome to The Stitchery Studio

Learn hand embroidery and hand sewing using beautiful, often antique, textiles at your own pace in a fun and informal environment.



Lifetime access to videos means there are no deadlines and there is no rush to complete.  

Work in your own time, at your own pace, at your own convenience.  


Printable handout packs are provided at every step.  

Downloadable videos and live online gatherings keep you connected wherever you are.

Meet like-minded folk in the Stitchery Community to share ideas and tips.

Master the stitches with close-up videos that you can pause/rewind/pause....

Make quiet time for yourself a priority and enjoy mindful stitching.

Ideas and inspiration for your next project!


Choose a class, join The Stitchery Community and start learning today from the comfort of your own home with expert and fun tuition from The Stitchery.


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